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Spas and hot tubs – IDOL SPAS


2000×1600×870 mm


2100×1600×890 mm


2000×2000×900 mm


2000×1900×780 mm


2200×2200×880 mm


2200×2200×880 mm


2300×2300×950 mm

IDOL SPAS – professional manufacture from Czech Republic

We can produce all spas meeting your requirements on placement jets, and other cladding material.

We use various types of jets and consult their placement with professional therapists and specialists. We care about the usefulness and also the design.

We use only quality components for our spa manufacturing:

Gecko, Balboa, Waterway, CGair, AQUATIC AV

We can produce the spa within 7 – 30 working days.

All parts on a stock.


The largest spa’s showroom in the Czech Republic.

You can see and try our whirpools on an area of 1000 square meters.

We will explain the differences between whirlpools and recommend the best one according to your requirements.

Your new hot tub is waiting for you in our showroom.

Address: Zděbradská 56, Jažlovice 251 01, Czech Republic