Heat pump for whirlpools, swim spa pools. Norm 5kw



Heat pump; Color: White ; Material: Plated steel; Heat output: 5kW; Cooling: Yes; Recommended pool volume: < 25 m3; Connection: 50 mm; Defrosting: Yes; Used refrigerant: R32 ; Voltage: 230V; Efficiency: 5,2 C.O.P.

New design for the NORM heat pump – instead of a plastic “chassis”, plated steel was used and the R32 refrigerant was used.

The NORM pool heat pump offers high energy savings compared to traditional pool heating methods. The difference is high energy savings by extracting heat from the air.

The principle of heat extraction of an air heat pump is the transfer of heat energy from the air to the supercooled refrigerant inside the heat pump. Squeezing the refrigerant with a compressor produces heat, which we use to heat the water in the pool.

Heat output: Air 27 °C / Water 26 °C / Humidity 80 %
Heat output (kW 5
C.O.P. 5,2
Power consumption (kW) 0,96
Heat output: Air 24 °C / Water 26 °C / Humidity 62 %
Heat output (kW 4,4
C.O.P. 4,8
Power consumption (kW) 0,91
Heat output: Air 15 °C / Water 26 °C / Humidity 70 %
Heat output (kW 3,4
C.O.P. 3,8
Power consumption (kW) 0,9


Technical parameters

Product Type: Heat pump for whirlpools and swim spa pools
Color: White
Material: Plated steel
Heat output: 5 kW
Cooling: Yes
Recommended pool volume: < 25 m3
Connection: 50 mm
Defrosting: Yes
Refrigerant used: R32
Tension: 230 V
Effectiveness: 5.2 C.O.P.
Body material: Plated steel
Warranty period: 2 years
For salt water above 5 g/l (>0.5%): Yes
El. expansion valve: Yes
Compressor: Rotary built-in
Net/transport weight kg: 52 kg
Wattage: 0.96 kW
Noise: <51 dB
Operating temperature: -7 to +43 °C
Flow monitoring: Yes
Holders: No
Spiral material: Titanium
For seawater: Yes
Max. Working temperature: 43 °C
Pressure circuit welded with silver: Yes
Easy installation: Yes
Performance: 6 kW
Flow: 2.2 m3/h
Heat exchanger: Titanium
Recommended water flow: 4-12 m3/h
Digital control panel: Yes