Swimming pool and swim spa for your garden and interior. The highest quality of Czech production and modern design.

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The strongest and variable countercurrent on the market thanks to unique technology

The widest swim spa and smart pool in one. Thanks to its unique design and 245 cm wide, you will swim like in a huge swimming pool. The unique countercurrent and river jets with tremendous power will excite even professional swimmers.

One of the few swim spa pools to the garden for year-round use. And even the possibilities of use.with heat pump and various types of insulation and roofing. Minimal water maintenance and heating costs…

Possibility of sand filtration, possibility of water maintenance even for salt. Or by choice.

Just fill with water and connect to the mains. It’s so easy to run our pools. Crystal clear water is ensured by automatic systems of your choice. Automatic stolics for chlorine, PH, salt system, oxygen, etc.

These swimming pools and swim spa are suitable both for the ground and as a garden above ground with its own construction. You can place them on the garden just without any construction modifications.

They can only be installed as laminate and plastic pools, filling them into the ground. But also more professionally with access to all technologies thanks to its own construction.

Our pools, thanks to the small amount of water and the incredible upstream as in the wild river, are suitable for year-round use and outdoor swimming. You will not expect any wintering, you use our swimming pool all year round with low operating and heating costs compared to the classic swimming pool.

Possibility and installer on the salt system. Salt in the pool and swim spa I hot tubs.