Heat pump for whirlpools, swim spa pools. Norm mini penguin 4 kw



Heat pump; Colour: White/Black ; Heat output: 4.0kW; Cooling: No; Recommended pool volume: max. 15 m3; Connection: 32/38mm; Used refrigerant: R32 ; Voltage: 230V; Efficiency: 5,0 C.O.P.

Heat pump for whirlpools and swim spa pools NORM MINI – PENGUIN

Norm MINI-Penguin is with its compact dimensions and performance suitable for use on small private swim spa pools or whirlpools and whirlpools
It can be remotely controlled by smartphone (Bluetooth) using the “AQUA TEMP” app

  • C.O.P. up to 5,0
  • Can be controlled via Bluetooth
  • Operating temperature: +10 to +43 °C
  • Inosculation:
    • Hose mandrel 32/38 mm
    • Fittings 32-50 mm
  • For small pools and whirlpools


Technical parameters

Product Type: Heat pump for whirlpools and swim spa pools
Color: White/Black
Heat output: 4.0 kW
Cooling: No
Recommended pool volume: Max. 15 m3
Connection: 32/38 mm
Refrigerant used: R32
Tension: 230 V
Effectiveness: 5.0 C.O.P.
Net/transport weight kg: 32 kg
Net dimensions of the unit (w/l/h): 500 x 520 x 560 mm
Wattage: 0.79 kW
Noise: 46 dB
Operating temperature: +10 to +43 °C
Performance: 4.0 kW
Recommended water flow: 1.5 m3/h
Digital control panel: Yes