Heat pump for whirlpools, swim spa pools. Rapid Mini Inverter 6kw



Color: Dark gray ; Heat output: 6kW; Cooling: Yes; Recommended pool volume: 14-28 m3; Connection: 50mm; Rated input: 0.19 kW; Used refrigerant: R32 ; Voltage: 230V; Efficiency: 9 C.O.P.

Rapid Mini Inverter with STEP technology INVERTER for whirlpools and swim spa pools.

Rapid Mini Inverter is a heat pump for whirlpools and swim spa pools with step-inverter technology. That is, they have the possibility of manual power adjustment – they have variable speeds. The heat output thanks to the “step compressor” can be adapted from 20% to 100% intelligently according to different heating requirements. .

At the beginning of the season, the power of the Rapid Mini Inverter heat pump is 100% to achieve the set water temperature, and during the season the power is variable and the heat pump runs only to the necessary power to maintain the required temperature.

The average COP for RMIC is 9. It can be calculated that from each consumed 1kW can provide heat in return up to 9kW.

Newly, these heat pumps have the R32 refrigerant.



Technical parameters

Color: Dark grey
Heat output: 6 kW
Cooling: Yes
Recommended pool volume: 14-28 m3
Connection: 50 mm
Rated power: 0.19 kW
Refrigerant used: R32
Tension: 230 V
Effectiveness: 9 C.O.P.
For salt water up to 5 g/l (<0.5%): Yes
For salt water above 5 g/l (>0.5%): Yes
Net/transport weight kg: 42 kg
Net dimensions of the unit (w/l/h): 744x359x648 mm
Operating temperature: 0 – 43 °C
Flow monitoring: Yes
For seawater: Yes
Easy installation: Yes
Rated current: 1,26 – 4,2 A
Heat exchanger: Titanium
Digital control panel: Yes