Heat pump for whirlpools, swim spa pools. Rapid Inverter 6.5kw



Inverter heat pump; Color: Black – Aluminum ; Digital Display: Yes; Heat output: 6.5kW; Cooling: Yes; Cooling power: 3kW; Recommended pool volume: 15-30 m3; Connection: 50 mm; Defrosting: Yes; Rated power: 0.13-1.06 kW; Used refrigerant: R32 ; Voltage: 230V; Efficiency: 14,7 C.O.P.

The WI-FI module is integrated into the heat pump and does not need to be purchased.

Rapid Inverter is a fully inverter heat pump. It is equipped with an inverter compressor and a fan motor, thanks to which it is possible to smoothly correct the power consumption and speed of the fan. Thanks to this, the pool is intelligently heated with maximum efficiency. The Rapid Inverter heat pump is automatically adjusted to a power of 25% to 100% according to the current heating needs. Most of the time, it only runs at medium or low speed, which maximizes efficiency.

When the Rapid Inverter runs at medium or low speed to maintain the pool temperature, the compressor noise is extremely low. Depending on the size of the pool, the Rapid Inverter has a COP efficiency of up to 15.8 (at an air temperature of 26°C, water of 26°C and an air humidity of 80%)

Energy saving – up to 2x cheaper operation compared to a conventional heat pump

Cooling power: 3.0 kW

Newly, these heat pumps have the R32 refrigerant.


Technical parameters

Product Type: Inverter heat pump
Color: Black – Aluminum
Digital display: Yes
Heat output: 6.5 kW
Cooling: Yes
Cooling performance: 3 kW
Recommended pool volume: 15-30 m3
Connection: 50 mm
Defrosting: Yes
Rated power: 0.13-1.06 kW
Refrigerant used: R32
Tension: 230 V
Effectiveness: 14.7 C.O.P.
For salt water up to 5 g/l (<0.5%): Yes
For salt water above 5 g/l (>0.5%): Yes
Net/transport weight kg: 42 kg
Net dimensions of the unit (w/l/h): 894×359×648 mm
Fan orientation: horizontal horizontal
Operating temperature: -7 to 43 °C
Flow monitoring: Yes
For seawater: Yes
Easy installation: Yes
Rated current: 0.56-4.6 A
Recommended water flow: 2-4 m3/h