Heat pump for whirlpools, swim spa pools. Rapid Inverter-x 8.8kw



Inverter heat pump for whirlpools and swim spa pools.

Color: Black – Aluminum ; Digital Display: Yes; Heat output: 8.8kW; Cooling: Yes; Cooling power: 4.5kW; Recommended pool volume: 20-40 m3; Connection: 50 mm; Defrosting: Yes; Rated power: 0.18-1.53 kW; Used refrigerant: R32 ; Voltage: 230V; Efficiency: up to 15.6 C.O.P.

The Rapid Inver-X is equipped with an inverter compressor and a fan motor, thanks to which the power consumption and speed of the fan is continuously regulated by electronics according to current needs. The great advantage of this system is faster heating and maintaining a constant water temperature, eliminating “cold starts”, which affect the service life of both the heat pump components and the load on electrical energy. C.O.P. up to 16.5 under ideal conditions is not a business trick, but is documented by the TÜV Rheinland certificate

By combining “Full-Inverter” technology with new improved components, better heat exchange and better air circulation have been achieved. The new chassis, innovative evaporator and stripped compressor ensure the ability to instantly increase heating output by 20% without increasing noise and energy consumption.

Three smart modes:

  • Boost: 120% performance – thanks to TurboSilence technology
  • Smart
  • Silence

When the Rapid Inver-X runs at medium or low speed to maintain the temperature of the whirlpool, swim spa pool, the compressor noise is extremely low and, depending on the size of the swim spa pool, it has a COP efficiency of up to 15.5 (at an air temperature of 26°C, water of 26°C and air humidity of 80%)

Built-in Wi-Fi module

Cooling power: 4.5 kW

Power: Air 26°C, Water 26°C, Humidity 80%
Thermal output (Smart mode) 8.8 kW
Heat output (Booster mode) 10.5 kW
Braid 15,6-7,3
COP (50% of power capacity) 11,8

Power: Air 15°C, Water 26°C, Humidity 70%
Thermal output (Smart mode) 6.3 kW
Heat output (Booster mode) 7.5 kW
Braid 7.1~4.9
COP (50% of power capacity) 6,7


Technical parameters

Product Type: Inverter heat pump for whirlpools and swim spa pools
Color: Black – Aluminum
Digital display: Yes
Heat output: 8.8 kW
Cooling: Yes
Cooling performance: 4.5 kW
Recommended pool volume: 20-40 m3
Connection: 50 mm
Defrosting: Yes
Rated power: 0.18-1.53 kW
Refrigerant used: R32
Tension: 230 V
Effectiveness: up to 15,6 C.O.P.
Body material: Aluminium
For salt water up to 5 g/l (<0.5%): Yes
Net/transport weight kg: 59 kg
Net dimensions of the unit (w/l/h): 799x432x650 mm
Operating temperature: – 15 to 43 °C
Flow monitoring: Yes
Spiral material: Titanium
Energy saving: Yes
Rated current: 0.78-6.65 A
Heat exchanger: Plastic
Recommended water flow: 2-4 m3/h