ThermoWood Hot Tub Cladding




Hot tub cladding and swim spa pool

Profiles for sheathing are made of high quality solid ThermoWood material. The feedstock is a forest pine native to Finnish forests.

ThermoWood material undergoes a special wood heat treatment process at temperatures up to 215°C. The action of such a high temperature makes the material for wooden façade profiles very durable. The decking has much better physical and mechanical properties, thermal conductivity is reduced by up to 25, the deflection of the façade decking is reduced by up to 90.

ThermoWoood wood for façade profiles does not contain nutrients for fungus and mold, has increased resistance to rot and is also resistant to wood-carving pests.

ThermoWood wooden facades have a life span of at 30 years, even without the use of care products. When using wood care products, it is possible to achieve much longer lifespan.

Wooden façade profiles and façade decking are designed for outdoor use for hot tubing, swim spa pools, terraces, facades – for ventilated and crate facades, as well as as undercutting of roof overlaps and other construction structures with the possibility of mounting vertically and horizontally.