Hot tub pumps

We know how important pumps are for every hot tub. Therefore, we only choose our pumps that meet our strict requirements – long service life, economy, performance and quiet operation.

The quality of the pumps depends onhow pleasant your massage will be pleasant and healthy.

Our hot tubs are equipped with the best pumps on the market. Before each installation in the hot tub, we test them carefully – we measure their power consumption, consumption and performance. We have an overview of their service life under different operating conditions.

We use only the economical pumps of the renowned American brands Balboa and Waterway.

All our circulating pumps have a maximum consumption of 0.3 kW per hour. Massage pumps have a power output of up to 5 HPS. At the pump, the power consumption of the motor is not so important, but the processing of the water wheel. This can increase performance up to double inthe quality hot tub .