The beneficial effects of the Idol spas

Relax it is a rest in the hot tub with your loved ones or family

People try to relax from the working day with various forms of relaxation. For centuries, one of the most refreshing and healthy ways combines two traditional elements through the use of hot tubs. From ancient public baths to modern massage baths, the healing power of water has been used to relieve stress and fatigue. You can be sure that you can spend a moment of respite in idol spas knowing that you have purchased the best home water treatment product on the market.

Idol Spas, this is a relaxing family hot tub not only for the garden but also for the interior

Hydrotherapy and hydro-therapy is an ancient form for healing and relievement of stress. It is based on three simple principles: heat, buoyancy and water movement, or hydro-massage.

Heat expands blood vessels and increases blood circulation in the body. This helps to make enzymes and endorphins (natural “reliever” of body pain) work faster and more effectively on parts of the body such as muscles and jointsthat have been strained, injured or strained. Heat also helps cells more easily get rid of metabolic waste, which is replaced by oxygen and natural nutrients in the body.

Buoyancy is a simple matter of physics. The body weighs 90 percent less when it swims in the water. Specific weight decreases, and the pressure on the spine, muscle groups, ligaments and joints is significantly weaker. Hydro-massage, the supply of water to different parts of the body, is the final and decisive component of this process. All parts of the body can benefit from hydromassage. Stress, injuries and poor posture can cause muscle cramps and pain. Specifically, targeted water pressure stimulates trigger points that are highly sensitive. Massage is also shown to improve flexibility, increase blood circulation, and provide regenerative benefits.

Hydrotherapy is a unique method for relieving tension and stress

Both for high blood pressure, headaches and chronic pain. It is beneficial for every part of the body, including skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, neuromuscular and digestive organs. Hydrotherapy has been shown to be particularly effective in reducing pain, arthritis, tendon/bursitis and inflammation due to sports injuries. Moist heat is very advantageous for those who suffer from respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Idol Spas whirlpool savoury baths improve digestive processes, waste and metabolic byproducts are more easily removed from the body, a general boost to the immune system. Thanks to hydrotherapy, it is not only a matter of relaxing for a few minutes, but also an experience that will have far-reaching consequences for the quality of your life.
Rarely health and pleasure merge into one, as is the case in Idol Spa. While many may think water baths are like luxury things reserved for those who have the means to make life more pleasant, for others, water baths are an integral part of life. Scientifically proven benefits associated with regular therapeutic heated baths are indisputable, and even doctors prescribe them to treat specific diseases.

Get a sleep erronk with a hot tub – no more pills or other sleeping pills

While heat increases the internal temperature of the body, cooling provokes natural relaxation. In contrast to the use of sleeping medications, the circulation of heat of the Idol hot tub promotes the body in rest and relaxation, which leads to a more restful sleep.

Relaxing before you try to fall asleep is the key to improving your chances of falling asleep and maintaining sleep. Hydrotherapy helps relieve tension, helps you relax. Heat relaxes muscle grip and increases blood flow, which helps relieve pain and encourage your muscles to relax.

Artitis and her fun tee thanks to the hot tub

Warm water and buoyancy are the cause of relief in arthritis and all muscle pain.

Your hot tub is literally your personal masseur to call whenever you need it. The advantages are heat for better blood flow and buoyancy to relieve tension, therefore spa treatment is ideal for arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Regular hydrotherapy can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. Heat from the water relaxes the body and increases blood flow. The powerful rotating massage jets of the Idol spas release muscle tension and soothe aching joints. Water buoyancy removes up to 90 percent of your body’s weight, making you feel lighter.

Diabetes – lowering sugar levels by bathing in the hot tub

Improving blood circulation with heated water in the hot tub helps diabetics!

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that people who suffer from type 2 diabetes may have positive results from regular use of the hot tub. Most diabetics are unable to tolerate demanding activities and have problems with the blood circulation and circulation. A study has revealed that baths experience a significant drop in blood sugar and improved sleep after spending 30 minutes a day in a hot tub. For those living with the inconveniences of diabetes, Idol whirlpools can be the gateway to a fuller and more enjoyable life.

Stress and known effects of hot tubs on its removal

Hydro-massage is great against stress and provides perfect relaxation of body and mind.

There are physiological and psychological reasons why the spa so successfully relieves stress and helps us relax during tense days. Water treatment in combination with thermal therapy and water buoyancy work together to relieve tension, stiff muscles, and make blood flow looser.

Do you suffer from stress, headaches? Effective hydrotherapy increases blood circulation, which can relieve headaches caused by stress. Only the idol spammers can directly soothe tension in the prone stress areas of the neck, shoulders and lower back. Rotary nozzles in the Idol Spa hot tub are specially placed to massage the main pressure points for maximum massage therapy. Let a strong massage soothe aching muscles and relieve stress.