Myths and facts

MYTHS vs. FACTS or don’t believe these “truths”

Some false myths will not contribute to the orientation of the large market for hot tubs. Those among customers are often distributed by the sellers themselves with the vision of earnings on lower quality goods. Don’t be the others who get told these shabby stories. The following article should help you find out the facts about the most popular whirlwind myths ever.

MYTH SEVEN: Don’t believe in anyone and nothing… And the worst are the dwarves!

FACT: You most likely don’t buy ahot tub every day .

But that doesn’t mean you should be whipped up by the retailer to chase the most expensive piece with the most bloated accessories. Do not give in to the myths mentioned above or any other. Always rely on sound judgment and reasonably based facts.

We can’t help you with dwarves on our website. With the purchase of a hot tub yes.

For more helpful tips, see The Hot Tub Purchase Guide. Or write to us, call us, come and see us.

We wish you not to get fooled and choose your hot tub as best as you can. You will be rewarded with long hours spent relaxing the most pleasant we know in IDOL SPAS.