Electronic photometer for water analysis measurement. For whirlpools and swim spa pools.



PoolLab Photometer Premium Edition for whirlpools and swim spa pools.

  • Electronic pool tester for professional water analysis
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity with free software and apps
  • Automatic calculation of chemical dosage!
  • Premium Edition including Reagents
  • Triple measurement wavelength for professional analysis
  • Designed for the waters of public and private swimming pools, whirlpools
  • Can be used in the measurement of drinking, well water
  • Measurement and control of process waters

PoolLab photometer for swim spa pools, whirlpools and drinking water

The new PoolLab® 1.0 is a triple wavelength photometer for professional analysis of private water for swim spa pools and whirlpools. The built-in but replaceable cuvette allows for quick water sampling just by immersing it in the waterproof PoolLab® IP68.

PoolLab® with its 6 buttons is designed for immediate access to the installed parameters, which are: pH, chlorine (free / combined / total), alkalinity (acid capacity), cyanuric acid (stabilizer). Active oxygen (MPS), bromine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, total hardness, calcium hardness, urea and PHMB.

Because PoolLab® uses Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, it can be easily connected to free software and an application to manage test results. Once the test results are synchronized, the software and applications allow you to recommend the dosage based on individually specified water treatment chemicals. The user can print reports on test results, perform the calculation of indices such as LSI, and much more.

A free cloud server ensures that the data in the application and software is constantly synchronized if the user decides to use this feature.