ozone disinfection



Equipment that creates ozone O3based on electrical discharge . Ozone is a gas that has excellent disinfecting effects. It is used to help disinfect water, especially when disinfecting water with chlorine in hot tubs. Ozone reacts very well even with chlorine, removes bound chlorine, which causes irritation of the human body and a strong chlorine odor. In addition, bound chlorine is harmful in higher concentrations of health. In addition, ozone has a positive effect on the skin, but in a greater concentration it is also harmful to health. Therefore, the ozonator in the hot tub only helps to disinfect the water and is not used for full disinfection of water. Ozonators commonly used in hot tubs have the ability to create ozone only for a limited time and after two years of operation they no longer usually generate ozone and need to be replaced.

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