Swim spa pool

A new generation of fitness swimming. Not only Swim Spa, now also a family pool.

Total number of hot tub nozzles
Total HPS pump performance
Capacity of the jacuzzi for number of persons

Swim spa Pool

  • The widest acrylic XL swimming pool or swim spa on the market
  • Luxury design stairs
  • Variable luxury swim spa cladding
  • Countercurrent, or River Swim Spa jet system even with variable system
  • The strongest countercurrent in full version. Up to 3000 litres per minute
  • Two skimmry
  • Possibility of swimming pool on the súl. Salt system swim spa pool

Price without VAT from

419 000 

419 000 

The final price depends on the selected design

Parametry vířivky Swim spa pool

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Thanks to the built-in heating, the swimming pool can be used year-round and conveniently regulate the water temperature as needed, even remotely via a mobile phone. Of course there is also the possibility of connecting the swimming pool to the heat pump. Thermal cover and thorough external insulation ensure minimum operating costs even in winter. Because all bathsare produced in the Czech Republic , we are able to respond to even the most demanding requirements of customers and produce, for example, cladding made of such material, so that the swimming pool fits precisely into the design of your garden.
Swim spa pool