Party Swim Spa

Have a party in the widest party hot tub on the market! Enjoy the moments with friends while swimming.

Total number of hot tub nozzles
Total HPS pump performance
Capacity of the jacuzzi for number of persons

Party Swim Spa

IDOL swimming pool is not only a swimming pool, which must be entered into the ground, but can also be placed as a freestanding facility on a horizontal surface without the need for landscaping.

Just fill with water and connect to the mains. It’s so easy to run our pools. Crystal clear water is provided by pairs of skimmers with minimal maintenance costs.

  • Generous space for up to ten people
  • Sufficient space for swimming
  • Luxury design stairs
  • Variable luxury sheathing
  • Countercurrent, or River Swim Spa Turbine

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The final price depends on the selected design

Parameters of the whirlpool Party Swim Spa

Party Swim Spa

Main advantages of our swim spa pools

The widest Swim spa pool on the EU market

Thanks to the production in the EU, swim spa pools are the widest on the market. The thin edge and 245 cm outdoor 225 cm inner size of the pool will provide you with enough sulfur for swimming as in a classic pool and not as in an imported swim spa.

The most powerful, quiet and economical pumps

Waterway, Balboa USA and Koller Austria

  • Energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional pumps

River swim jets

  • Unique counter-current jets that create a river-like current without waves on the surface of the water.
swim spa pool jets by idol spas

Wi-fi control on your smartphone

  • Hot tub control worldwide via the Internet

The best hot tub insulation for economical operation and low cost

We offer different levels of hot tub insulation

  • Our arctic insulation with a thickness of up to 5 cm saves at least 50% of the cost of running a swim spa pool
outdoor insulation whirlpool

Modern touch control system of swim spa pool

  • Control your pool in a modern way without buttons and in any language, even in Czech

Heat pump

  • For maximum cost savings and year-round operation of the swim spa pool. Functional from -15°C

Completely tailor-made production in the Czech Republic

There is also the possibility of a mobile terrace instead of a classic thermal cover.

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