Balboa Microsilk

MicroSilk is an independent system from Balboa Water Group for hot tubs, so it is not necessarily necessary to have a Canadian balboa control unit.

Water is the fundamental force of the universe. As humans we mostly consist of water. Early civilizations were based on proximity and access to water. Our planet is mostly water. Water is power. Water is beautiful. Water is life.

A subtle rustle and a feeling that the water is soft – this is a sign that trillions of micro oxygen bubblesare favorably affecting your body . These micro bubbles increase oxygen levels in water, thus purifying your body, strengthening skin cells, stimulating the immune system and collagen production, destroying bacteria and boosting your health.

Just use MicroSilk for about 20 minutes a day and you’ll feel better and look younger.

Increase the natural production of collagen in the current of your hot tub. MicroSilk increases the level of oxygen in water, to beneficial for the skin. Oxygen stimulates the natural production of collagen – a natural anti-aging agent.

The use of MicroSilk is the same as the fashionable oxygen bark, moistening and hydration of the whole body at once. Your skin becomes brighter and smoothed.

Incredible velvet relaxation in the hot tub

Micro bubbles literally envelop your body in a smooth, effervescent cloud of oxygen that promotes better circulation and cellular breathing. Regeneration of skin cells will be improved.