Care of whirlpool cartridges

Always keep the cartridge clean and undamaged

This is the only way to ensure that the filter system functions properly and extend the life of the hot tub. Dirty and ceded cartridges do not release enough water. This reduces the circulation pump. Cartridges in this state may cause water heating to fail.

Therefore, clean the filters thoroughly with each water change. At least once a year, you should completely replace them.

Equip yourself for stock

Use several cartridge sets and always replacethem when cleaning . This advice will certainly save you more trouble.

Leave the cleaned cartridges to dry and the hot tub will not stop servingyou thanks to the second set . Thorough drying of cartouches will contribute to the destruction of resident microorganisms and their service life will be extended.

Ensure proper cleaning

Ideally, rinsethe cartridge sway with a stream of clean water every two weeks . Clean all the folds so that there are no settled particles inside.

At least once every 3 months or with each water change, then perform a more thorough cleansing. Rinse the cartridge with water (e.g. a 45° flow from a garden hose) and leave overnight immersed in a special cartouche cleaning product.

Finally, wash it again with a stream of water and allow it to dry. Be patient when drying. According to our advice, meanwhile, add a filter with a replacement cartridge and you can jump back to the hot tub right away.