Hot Tub Buying Guide

So what to choose from?

There are many factors. You may be surprised by the variety of types, large price ranges, cluttered product listings, and multitudes of manufacturers and retailers. It is not easy to get to know the market at first. We believe our counselor will be a good helper to you.

For starters, suppose you already have a clear size or approximate form. But what else should you be clear about to ensure a pleasant moments of well-being for years to come?

1. How much will it cost?

Price is perhaps the most important factor to follow. Beware, the popular rule “Cheap=poor quality vs. expensive=top notch”may not always apply for hot tubs.

However, the fact is that if you come across a hot tub under 70,000 CZK in some chain stores, it is probably a poor quality product – at this price it is impossible to produce a quality hot tub.

Before buying, read the different price sessions of the hot tubs and get to know the details of the offer. Large price fluctuations are due to the spread of the equipment offered, the quality of the design and the components used and last but not least the reputation of the company that produced the hot tub.

2. How is the shell processed?

The quality of the acrylic shell stands and falls the durability of each hot tub. Acrylic is always the first visible part, and in case of damage, the whole bath is significantly degraded.

Is the quality of the surface and the materials used important? Surface quality and design quality are the most important thing in the hot tub
The surface of the acrylic and its production quality further amplify the entire shell has a significant effect on the service life and strength of your whirlpool bath.
Some cheap hot tubs do not have the same thickness of acrylic in places of arches and curvature, as well as in the bottom polyester construction, shinethrough the bottom structure, threatens to burst even after a short use.

Have you ever seen a faded hot tub? It is a fairly common phenomenon that the hot tub already in the second, third year loses its luster. some even before. That’s not the case with our parents. Even after a few years, idol spas has its original acrylate color and feels fresh as if it had just been bought and installed. So it does not lose its exclusive appearance. This is due to the fact that we use expensive but best acrylic from Lucite International Ltd.

On the market, you can meet three main manufacturers of acrylic:

  • Aristech (USA)
  • Lucite (USA)
  • other Chinese companies

Chinese acrylics are a cheap substitute for American shells, but they have recently been widely found on the European market. Even specialized retailers often have no idea if they are offering this low-quality type. At the moment of purchase, this cannot be quite reliably recognized. When cracking fault bubbles appear on the acrylic within two years, sometimes it is not even possible to claim the product. Many sellers of poor quality hot tubs have ended up in liquidation due to the large number of complaints about their goods.

We recommend preferring hot tubs with shells of American companies Lucite or Aristech. Barier code and Skin code are applied to the highest quality technologies to guarantee the best grip. You will eliminate any future shell problems to a minimum. Poor-quality Chinese acrylics can be found practically only on Chinese-made hot tubs. And although even the Chinese occasionally use American acrylics, they are almost never processed by Barier and Skin technologies. Therefore, the resulting quality is never 100%.

At IDOL SPAS we enjoy the choice of materials and guarantee you quality for years to come. We use only the best acrylics from Lucite or Aristech and Barier code verified by raichold brand.

3. Where was the control panel and the hot tub control unit made?

Chinese control panels often do not work as they should. As a result, the hot tub can also be burned down as a last resort.

Balboa from the USA and Gecko from Canada are among the manufacturers. For balboa, gecko control systems, or waterway or davey, definitely ask even if you decide in the final eve to buy a Chinese-made hot tub.

Or this control panel with bp control unit

Even most Chinese manufacturers recognized that electronics were the basis and therefore in bulk began to buy the cheapest version of control systems from Balboa. 90 hot tubs on the European market with this panel is also made in China.

4. Where do I want to place the hot tub and what insulation should it have?

The insulation of the hot tub is not one of its most visible elements. However, its poor quality workmanship will still have a major impact on the functionality of the bath, especially in winter. Therefore, choose an isolation adequate to the environment in which you want to use the hot tub. Pay special attention to the selection when placing the bath in the exterior.

The absolute basis is the insulation of acrylic, which today should have any hot tub. If this is not the case, it is most likely only a massage bath to the interior. Full insulation in the outdoor hot tub can save you the cost of running in the order of thousands of crowns.

5. Interested in energy consumption?

Another component influencing the quality of the hot tub is the pump. Pumps differ mainly in the ratio of power and consumption. Some pumps may not perform adequately, but they consume up to three times more energy than their high-quality alternatives. This is then related to the service life of the pumps.

In our experience, the best and most used pumps from Gecko, Waterway and Balboa are the best and most used pumps.

6. What kind of massage do I want to enjoy?

Jets are what makes a hot tub a hot tub. It is they swirl ing water and taking care of the perfect relaxation of your muscles with the help of hydro massage. They are jets that take care of your enjoyment of relaxation.

All nozzles are made of plastic. The determining factor is not their number, but the type and distribution of the nozzles in the bath. Their quality is not judged according to the material used, but according to the workmanship.

Cheap hot tubs often have only direct jets, often in unnecessarily large quantities. More suitable and more pleasant to use are rotary nozzles. Straight nozzles exert feelings of greater pressure oriented into one place. This can cause pain or sensations of itching. The massage itself can then turn into an unpleasant experience.

Rotary nozzles, on the other hand, act as a real masseur. They massage the body and muscles. Therefore, in our hot tubs we mainly use rotary nozzles. We only assemble direct nozzles at the customer’s express request.

7. Who sells you a hot tub?

Competition among hot tub vendors is quite large. We in recommend cooperation with established companies that offer professional service and are on the market for at least 5-6 years. Non-established firms often abruptly cease their activities. The customer with the need for warranty service or the purchase of spare parts thus loses all benefits. The basic indicator of quality is the background and proven references of the company. Give your own impression of the visit and the customer experience in front of you.

8. Who made your bath?

We’ll be honest. The market situation is sometimes a bit confusing. Many retailers do not have the necessary experience with hot tubs and can not determine the true origin of the products offered. This puts you at risk of having a low quality in the finals that few customers want.

Among the renowned manufacturers of quality whirlwind baths are mainly Czech, American or Canadian brands. We recommend choosing mainly products of these companies:

  • Idol spas (czech production)
  • Usspa (Czech Republic)
  • Jacuzzi (USA, some models of China)
  • Hot spring (USA)
  • Coast spas (Canada)

IDOL SPAS offers Czech products including complete service and all spare parts in stock. We also service hot tubs of other brands, which convinced us with their quality.

We will advise you on your selection and if you already have your whirlwind bath selected, we can provide you with useful information about it or compare it for you with our Czech products.

Finally, how do you know a hot tub made in China?


Larger sellers of all hot tubs that issue them for German, Canadian, American, Swedish, etc. they are worn by the fact that they have a stainless steel structure. The “stainless” design is used only by manufacturers in China. None of the manufacturers in the USA, Canada and Europe use this chrome-galvanized iron. Ask the seller of your hot tub what the hot tubs have in their construction.

Due to the ambiguity in the origin and production of hot tubs, most retailers are buying the production of hot tubs in a state. But these hot tubs didn’t see the state even from the lode let alone from the plane. This is a great scam and deception of the consumer. Today, the better sellers of Chinese hot tubs admit to something is montovna in China or Asia. In fact, they are possible and it is mounted all. And thanks to this, they do not use materials that are necessary for a quality hot tub reach the eye of lower prices. But after a failed complaint of a poor quality hot tub, your purchase will come out a lot more expensive.

The biggest liars

Ique spa house – Swedish quality??? They admit to doing something that’s in China. Do you think something is being sent from Sweden to the tin and back? Will you find any production in Sweden? In Sweden, there is only one company that produces hot tubs and this is viskan. They say they use the revolutionary SQR system from the company LVJ. SQR system the patented company CMP USA. Chinese jet manufacturer LVJ decides the rear system sqr did not use and can not. More lies prosecute others…


Have the hot tub opened and check the pumps. If an LX sticker is glued to the pumps, it means that the whole hot tub is made in China for 100.


Similarly, it is possible to distinguish Chinese production by cladding – you can detect cheap blown PVC decking from the point of view.

Control system and control

Next, orient yourself according to the control system – if the hot tub does not use Balboa or Gecko controls, it is most likely not to expect the necessary quality standard. It happens that balboa systems or chinese production, but mostly the lowest lines. You can tell by not having a color display or the possibility of worldwide control. You would be looking for the Czech language of control in vain.

Whatever you decide, we wish you a lot of beautiful “whirlwind” moments. And if you’re still hesitating, write to us or call us. We’re here for you, and we’ll be happy to help you.

Is running a hot tub an expensive thing?

Economy of the hot tub operation
Ask for daily, monthly and annual costs. What are the costs of using chemistry, heating the hot tub – filtering it?

We will tell you these costs absolutely accurately and we will also answer the questions associated with it in an absolutely exhaustive way. We care about multiplying the joy of quality hydro massage with economical operation. The most economical filtration pumps are installed in idol spas hot tubs. This makes you sure that the traffic will cost you surprisingly little.

Another very important thing is the used insulation of the hot tub. Cheap and regular hot tubs do not have quality insulation. Insulation on the cladding, however strong it may be, does not guarantee good insulation, as the gaps between the individual removable parts are huge. It’s like having 30 cm of insulation on your house and leaving the window open. Insulation may look good, but more important is its processing. We isolate the design of the hot tub, which actually hermetically closes the inner space of the hot tub and thus we use the normal heat of the pumps to heat the water of your hot tub. With this method of insulation, only a circulating pump without heating can increase the water temperature by 2 degrees per hour without heating during filtration.

Other costs? We will calculate them for you in detail and explain them. Contact us!