Technical readiness

Before we bring your new hot tub home, there’s going to be a few things to think about.

The first relaxing bath is preceded by important steps, mostly technical in nature. With our little counselor, solving them won’t give you a single wrinkle.

It’s your hot tub – the location option is up to you

We offer hot tubs suitable for exterior and interior. They’re all full of isolation. It is suitable for outdoor use, but it also saves costs when used indoors.

Place the whirlpool pool on the ideal plane. The most suitable substrate is concrete, but after consultation with the seller, another material can be used. Count on the load capacity of the substrate at least 500 kg, or according to the type and size of the hot tub.

Leave about 50-60 cm of free spaceon each side of the hot tub . This is useful in the case of service, so that the technician can access all the technologies. The hot tub can also be located at the wall, but always leave an accessible side with the control panel.

All our hot tubs are suitable for recessing into the ground

It is possible to start the hot tub partially or completely – that is, up to the acrylic.

The substrate must be reinforced, ideally concrete. However, always pay attention to perfect water equality. Consult the manufacturer for the thickness of the substrate.

We also leave space on each side forrecessed hot tubs . The technician can then access all technologies in case of service. Pay special attention to the side on which the control panel is located.

Do not underestimate the preparations for the recess of the hot tub and always consult the manufacturer in detail.

Do not forget about electrical readiness

For connection and installation of the pool, count on the recommended 400 V power supply with the 5Cx4 cable and the 20A-25A three-phase current protector. The equipment of the protector is controlled according to the power consumption of the hot tub.

When connecting the hot tub, definitely consult the manufacturer. Always leave the installation and connection to the electricity to the expert!

For the first time we are inking (and draining) the hot tub!

Don’t look for the faucet on your new hot tub. Garden hosesare commonly used for filling .

Each whirlpool pool has a drain valvethat can be fitted with a hose. Hot tubs are usually drained into the sewer or directly into the garden. In that case, she must have a suitable gradient.

It is recommended to change the water in the hot tub at least 4 times a year.

In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to explain everything.