V system for hot tubs, swim spa and salt pools for sul disinfection



Hot tub for salt disinfection system.

ASIN Aqua SALT REDOX for swim spa sands and pools

State-of-the-art electrolyser for disinfection of hot tub and swim spa pool water. Exclusive design in which management and dosing were combined into a perfectly processed stainless steel unit with integrated salinity measurement (current salt content in pool water) and algicide dosing for comprehensive water quality.

Suitable for swim spa pools and whirlpools 1m3 – 70 m3
(for larger or extremely loaded pools, ASIN Salt can be connected).

  • Titanium electrodes with ruthenio-iridius coating are used for electrolysis, which ensures high performance and long service life. The electrode material also ensures that hard metals are not released into the water.
  • The electronics of the control unit provide self-cleaning of electrodes.
  • The required salt concentration is 4 – 8 kg per 1 m3. This concentration is 10 times lower than in seawater.
  • It does not burn in the eyes and has a prophylactic effect on the skin.
  • Includes REDOX probe
  • Touch screen
  • Easy operation
  • Multilingual control
  • Compact design
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Very easy to install
  • Advanced security features
  • Detects the flow of measured water
  • Internet output and external display
  • With the possibility of connecting and controlling the thermometer, filtration, level monitoring in the overflow tank, or skimmer.