PH automatic hot tub and swim spa pool




pH automatic hot tub and swim spa pool

Automatic device that measures the pH of water. For trouble-free operation of the hot tub or swimming pool it is imperative to have the correct pH of water. The water must be neutral, which is pH 7, around this value we try to hold the pH of water, approximately 6.8 to 7.6. Each disinfectant that you will modify the water has the ability to function only at the correct pH, the optimal pH value for a particular disinfection is always indicated on the package leaflet. If the pH of pool water is poor, the technology (motors, heating, thermocover, headboard, nozzles, seals, etc.) is damaged, and the ability to disinfection is reduced. This results in poor water quality and damage to technology. The pH automatic measures the pH probe and dispenses only one pH adjustment component at a time. It can not dispense both components for pH adjustment, i.e. pH. pH minus and pH plus.