REDOX automatic hot tub swim spa and pool




REDOX automatic hot tub swim spa and pool

(other variants of CLF – chlorine measurement, DOSE – dosing of the required amount of disinfection)

An automatic device that measures Redox potential (water quality) and water pH. Ideal option for private pools and hot tubs. The device measures the pH value and doses either pH-or pH+. It also evaluates the quality of water and dispenses chlorine disinfection as needed. For pH, the same applies to “pH automatics”, see above. For more accurate measurement, the machine is equipped with an electronic flow meter. The Redox probe can be mistaken for a probe measuring the amount of free chlorine if necessary. Alternatively, the automatic can be set to dosing the required dose of disinfection without measuring the values of the probe. Redox measurements cannot be combined with hydrogen peroxide disinfection! Automatics can be equipped with a LAN connector, which can be connected to the Internet and monitored via iPool LIVE and iPool Monitor applications and set notifications in case of exceeding the set limits. It is also possible to connect an external monitor – a wired connection to automatice.