Hot tub technology Gecko Canada

Gecko is the main control and technological element of all IDOL SPAS hot tubs. It is a control panel and control unit from a top Canadian manufacturer. It also handles heating and water heating and can be connected to wifi.

Gecko products are highly reliable and thus adversely affect the life of the entire device.

The Gecko Y Series control unit ensures smooth and safe operation of the hot tub. It is complemented by the in.k500 or in.k800 control panel with a full color display. However, the most luxurious option for bath control is a fully touchy, visually attractive system in.k1000.

We can deliver the technology including control of the bath over the Internet. You can drive your favorite features remotely from around the world.


The basic control panel of the Canadian company Gecko in.k500 already in basic equipment in the Czech language.

Gecko in.k1000

Touch panel of Canadian company Gecko in.1000 in optional equipment installed in Czech language.

WIFI control of outdoor hot tub

Control the features of your hot tub from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android with in.touch app. You are still in touch with your rest!

In.touch application is available in two versions: in.touch home allows you to control your hot tub sits using a home network; In.touch world allows you to use the Internet anywhere in the world to control your hot tub.

Dotykový touch panel BALBOA

We recommend a quality control unit panel and heating of the hot tub. This is an extra equipment not only for the panel but also for the Balboa unit and hot tub heating.

GECKO IN. K800 outdoor hot tub control system

  • Larger control panel and more buttons than standard k.500. This one is called k.800, controls up to five pumps and has no problem with Czech or configuration for added equipment.
  • Compared to the k 500 base panel, it also remembers the time in the event of a power failure.
  • It also allows luxury control of the luxury model for controlling up to 3 circuits of lighting, music module and bromino-salt system of maintenance of the hot tub.


  • The most luxurious solution for controlling functions. The fully touch capacitive display is a true interactive star. He can also play with Czech.
  • Luxury most advanced touch. It’s like on the phone.
  • Compared to the k 500 base panel, it also remembers the time in the event of a power failure.
  • It also allows luxury control of luxury mule for controlling up to 3 lighting circuits. music module and bromino-salt hot tub maintenance system.