A more important element, providing the perfect massage. One that only gives you a pleasant experience and no other.

During 15 years on the market, we have researched and tried dozens of types of jets from different manufacturers. That’s why we dare say we offer the best today. The jets of the American company CMP have a beautiful timeless design and meet our strict performance requirements.

We use only large rotary massage nozzles, individually supplemented with small nozzles.

Direct nozzles are not recommended by physiotherapists at all, yet they are the most widely used for cheaper types of hot tubs. The reason is their low price. If you insist on mounting them, we’ll put both eyes on them and we’ll put on your wish.

At the same amount of nozzles and pump, their performance is the largest and strongest for a perfect massage. But the main advantage is that you can adjust them both straight and rotating, which perfectly massage the muscles and body. Compared to, for example, Chinese jets have up to twice the power, and no Chinese nozzles have the ability to set both direct and rotary. This is only possible by CMP or Balboanozzles .

When deciding to buy a hot tub, be sure to put on the performance of the pumps and the selected types of nozzles. Cheap direct jets are found in cheap hot tubs. But when you try them out, you’ll find that after 5 minutes, the direct jets are uncomfortable and the body starts to itch. The masseur also does not push you in one place at all, but massages the body so that the muscles relax. That’s what rotary thrusters do. Not many people try a hot tub before they buy it. We recommend at least check if the hot tub actually has rotary nozzles and not just direct which are up to 10 times cheaper than the rotary ones. That’s where the big price difference is hot tubs.

Only the most expensive hot tubs and brands use only rotary nozzles. Artesian, for example. They only have rotary nozzles from Balboa. But the price is dizzying. We offer you the best quality at an affordable price and a hot tub made in the Czech Republic using the best components from the USA or Canada. We also use the most powerful pumps from Waterway USA, which offers up to 5HPS per pump. Thanks to patented technology, they have incredible performance due to electricity consumption. Compared to other pumps, they are very powerful and energy-efficient.

Straight nozzles

Direct cheap nozzles, which we think are unprofessional, can be found in most hot tubs. In our hot tubs only on express request.